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Testimonials from NIS Nurses

"NIS helped me realize my dream of working and living in America. They've been with me since the start and had supported me not only financially, even when I was still in the Philippines, but also they've been with me as a friend all throughout the process. I would say it was not an easy road but with NIS and the people behind it, like Tim and Violy, really made the whole experience worthwhile through ups and downs. I am now living and working in Orange County California with my husband and 2 kids and pretty soon we will be realizing another dream of having our first home. So to anyone who will be inspired by my experience, Dream on, work hard and stay with the people whom you know you can trust. Thanks NIS!!!"

Alwenda Alolor-Garciso, RN
Orange County, California, USA
Velez College Graduate, Cebu City

"I was a neophyte nurse in 2000 but NIS took a risk on me and recruited me for work here in America.  They paid for all my examinations including board and lodging.  All I had to do was pass the test and enjoy my ride for a lifetime."

Honey Gamutan-Monocillo, RN
Fresno County, California, USA
Davao Doctors College Graduate, Davao City

"Sa mga kapwa ko nurses, napakalaki ng naitulong sa akin ng NIS. Napakahusay at galing ng kanilang immigration attorney. Hindi nila kayo pababayaan sa  umpisa hanggang sa huli. Kaya mag-apply na sa NIS. Sabi nga nila "They make your American dreams come true." (TAGALOG)

"NIS has helped me a lot. They have a very knowledgeable and experienced lawyer. They would be there for you in every step with your immigration needs. Their staffs are very friendly and approachable".

Karissa Balcita, RN
Sacramento County, California, USA
St. Louis University Graduate, Baguio City

"NIS was the answer to my dreams. Without them, I couldn't have achieved what I wanted to achieve. I did not spend a single centavo for my exams - TOEFL, TSE, NCLEX, and everything, even for my review fees. GOD is the reason for my success, but NIS was the CATALYST to it! Thank GOD for NIS".

Mary Rose Sojor-Lofranco, RN
Fresno County, California, USA
Silliman University Graduate, Dumaguete City

"Nurse Immigration Services has truly been instrumental in the fulfillment of my dreams. The difference between NIS and other agencies is the personal touch that they incorporate in making sure you attain your dreams of coming here in the United States. They have been with me from the day I first applied with them till the day I stepped into my first hospital job as a registered nurse. And for that I will be forever grateful.  For any Filipino that is willing to give their right arm to be here in the United don't have to......Nurse Immigration Services will make sure you succeed. With Nurse Immigration Services, you will never go wrong".

Ray Brillantes, RN
Lawrence County, Ohio, USA
St. Louis University Graduate
, Baguio City

"NIS is playing a big part in shaping my future. It's like me being Columbus and NIS the King and Queen of Spain."

Niño Ian Ty, RN
Southwestern University, Cebu City

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