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Nurse Immigration Services is a California based company specializing in the immigration of Overseas Nurses to the United States. NIS maintains offices in the U.S. and the Philippines.  Our personnel have over 25 years experience in U.S. immigration law and have extensive backgrounds with the nursing profession.

U.S. law provides that for an RN to immigrate to the U.S. the immigrant must have passed the CGFNS examination or hold "a full and unrestricted license" to practice as an RN in a U.S. state. However, in practice "a full and unrestricted license" is interpreted by the USCIS to mean "has passed the NCLEX-RN examination", the standardized RN license test accepted by every U.S. state.  NIS works with states which do not require CGFNS for an RN license. Candidates need only pass the NCLEX-RN to be considered.
Become an NIS Nurse!

Serving Overseas Nurses and American healthcare employers, NIS immigrates Registered Nurses for United States healthcare employers, addressing America's nursing shortage.

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