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NIS Nurse Immigration Checklist

The following basic information indicates the documents are needed to sign up with NIS. You should first provide NIS with your e-mail address and information by visiting this page: NIS Form for More Information. You will receive a return e-mail with further details on how to get started with NIS.

Note that good quality copies of your documents are essential. Your employer will be selecting your portfolio from several candidates. The more readable, complete and accurate your information is, the better chance you have in being selected.

* You need to submit originals or certified copies of your Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate and Divorce Certificate, if applicable.

* For all other documents please send good quality copies of documents to NIS. Keep originals for U.S. Embassy Visa Interview and for the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) on entry to U.S.

Documents-- You should collect these documents and provide copies to NIS according to detailed instructions given to you in the first NIS e-mail to you.

Copy of your RN License from your country
Copy of Diplomas of Nursing Education
Copy of Nursing Education Transcripts
Copy of CGFNS or NCLEX Certificate
Copy CGFNS passing score report, if applicable
Original or certified copy of Birth Certificate and/or a copy of your valid Passport

Resume and History -- The following Microsoft Word files of these documents are required:

Your resume as a Microsoft Word computer file.  NIS would like for you to send us your latest resume information in our standard format in Microsoft Word. No hard copies will be accepted.
Click here to download the NIS Resume Template and choose the "Save Option" to store in your Documents or Download folder.

NIS-FamilyWorkEducation.doc -- Fill out the Family, Work and Education History form on a computer and return to NIS according to detailed instructions given after you contact us.

Each of the following documents are required later but before the issuance of your Permanent Resident Visa by the U.S. Embassy:

Copy of Valid Passport
Copies of U.S. Visa, Entry Stamps, and I-94 Departure/Arrival record (if you are in the U.S.)
Copy of:  a) IELTS b) TOIEC/TSE  OR  c) TOEFL/TSE Certificate
Copy of ICHP/Visa Screen Certificate
Birth Certificate (Original or certified copy provided by relevant government organization)

If Applicable:

Marriage Certificate (Original or certified copy provided by relevant government organization)

Divorce Certificate (Original or certified copy provided by relevant government organization)

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